Creation Myth Projects 2008-2009

Assignment: In a group of four or five, design and create a wiki page that presents a radio program that first dramatically presents a given creation myth and then analyzes the similarities of the myth to the “Enuma Elish,” the Greek creation myths, and the accounts of creation in Genesis and Gilgamesh.

Requirements: All projects must include
  • a creative opening to the radio program with music, introduction of the panel, and overview of the program content
  • a two to four minute radio play dramatizing the creation myth and a written transcript posted to the wiki page; must have original dialogue
  • a four to six minute panel discussion of the similarities among the creation myths and discussion of the unique elements of the given myth (group members role-play experts on each culture)
  • at least four original, color images on the wiki page to illustrate the myth posted to the wiki page
  • creative and appropriate use of spacing, font size, horizontal rules, and image placement to create an attractive lay-out
  • a well-designed, color Inspiration chart that concisely presents the common motifs and with specific details from all relevant stories and the unique elements of the given myth
  • equal oral participation by all members of the group in the audio portion

Some Starter Resources
Audacity: free, cross-platform sound editing software program (DON"T download the Beta version!)
Audacity Tutorials: step-by-step instructions for using the free, cross-platform software program Audacity
Writing for Radio: number of introductory essays
Effective Dialogue: a few tips
Radio Script Format: information, sample, and a download-able Word template
Sound Effects: wavs and mp3s (scroll down and click on a category)
Sound Effects 2: wavs


Aztec 1 - F period
Boshongo and Bakuba 1 - F period
Mayan 1 - F period
Tiahuanaco 1 - F period

Navajo 1 - E period
Norse 1- E period
Polynesian 1 - E period
Yoruba - E period

Aztec 2 - D period
Boshongo and Bakuba 2 - D period
Mayan - D period
Tiahuanaco 2 - D period

Navajo 2 - C period
Polynesian 2 - C period
Yoruba 2 - C period