Yoruba’s Creation

Panel Discussion:


Scene One

[Olorun’s Chambers]
1. OLORUN: That great expanse of flood must go! There is no use of it I can see, and the sky is all the gods need. The lifeless waters below our Heaven are a great bleak wasteland.
2. OLOKUN: But dear Olorun, I’m sure there is a use for this marshland. Why I would love to rule over it, for it holds its own beauty to me, one I cannot describe yet cannot see wasted.
3. OLORUN: Well, I see no problem with giving it to you. I have no business outside of Heaven, so you may rule over the wetlands.
4. OLOKUN: Thank you greatly, just and fair Olorun! I shall remember your kind deed!
5. Departing Footsteps.
6. Closing Door sound
7. : OBLATA: Good King, I beg of you, do not let such a fair lake go to waste on Olokun!
8. OLORUN: Oblata, I spoil you! All she has is that small mass of water, and you’d have me take it from her just after I gave it to her? How have I cared for you that you should speak so disrespectfully towards that dear goddess?
9. ORUNMILA: Oblata speaks well. I foresee great opportunities for the marshlands. I suggest cultivating the water.
10. OBLATA: It has come, my liege, from the mouth of the future itself! Orunmila has seen tomorrow, and he supports my efforts! What would you have me do now?
11. OLORUN (Pause, then resignedly) I suppose you may do with it what you will.
12. OBLATA: All right, I’ll go down immediately! I’ll need a golden chain to get down there…
13. Clinking chain sound effect
14. OBLATA: Spread some sand around…
15. moving sand sound effect
16. a palm tree would look great in this…oh, some light please?
17. light flick sound effect
18. OBLATA: Thanks, yes, I need some companions! How about a bit of clay here, a bit of wine there…presto! Aren’t my new friends cute?! I shall call them people! And this land I have created shall be Ife.
19. OLORUN I suppose I must inform Olokun of your changes to her lands as soon as she comes back.
Scene Two

1. ORUNMILA: I see Olokun coming. Olorun, it might be better for you to break the news easy.

2. footsteps coming
3. OLOKUN: (Aghast) What’s this!? Olorun, where is my lake?!! What happened to it!?
4. OLORUN: But this is your lake! Oblata made some adjustments while you were away.
5. OLOKUN: (screeching) Adjustments? Adjustments?!? On whose authority!!?
6. OBLATA: (acting innocent) Why are you angry, Olorun? We’ve done you a great favor. Don’t you like our modifications?
8. Rain sound continue
9. Thunder sound
10. Rushing water sound effect continue
11. PEOPLE: (screaming for one or two seconds) Gods! Save us! Help!
12. ESHU: The gods cannot hear you. I will request help for you, but sacrifice for me and the other gods to make it worthwhile.
13. PEOPLE: Anything!
14. End thunder
15. End rain sound

Scene 3
[Outside Olorun’s palace in Heaven]
1. ESHU: The people of Ife beseech you to stop Olokun’s flood. As far as I know, it is within your own best interest to do so.
2. ORUNMILA: Yes, I am well aware of what the people of Ife shall become. I’ll counter Olokun’s magic and stop these waters. (Concentrated effort sounds)
3. Flood noise dims out
5. PEOPLE: Yay!!!
6. OLOKUN: Oblata, you thief, I’ll have my water back yet! (pause. to Olorun) Olorun, I challenge you, oh cheating, wicked king, to a coloring competition. Come to my quarters, where I shall be hosting a fabric dyeing competition, and whoever is better able to color fabrics shall win the right of deciding what happens with Ife.
7. OLORUN: (aside) I cannot refuse and so admit my failure to observe justice. I must compete…or…I know! I shall send my dearest servant, my chameleon!
Scene 4

[Olokun’s hut]
1. OLOKUN: Oh, my wonderful lake, they’ve taken your true beauty! I will restore it to you now. How could I lose? No one can best me in coloring! I am the supreme fabric dyer of all the gods!
2. Knocking sound effect
3. CHAMELEON: Ah heh heh...Fairest Olokun, I am zee messenger of ‘is royal ‘ighness. Where are your fabrics, mademoiselle?
4. OLOKUN: (amused slightly) Why, Olorun wasn’t brave enough to show his own face?! I suppose it’s all the better. Here you are, you snake.
6. OLOKUN: Now leave me, and do what you must.
7. CHAMELEON: Jes, well...I will as soon as you give me what you wish zee King to compete with.
8. Trill
9. Surely theez little jokes are not what zee king waz suppozed to color.
10. OLOKUN: (Shocked) You can copy my work on your skin!?! How am I able to best someone who can duplicate everything I can do with colors? And this is only Olorun’s servant! I shall never win! Oh, poor waters, I’ve failed you! (weeps)
Scene 5
[Olorun’s Chambers]
1. CHAMELEON: And zat is ‘ow it went!
2. OLORUN: Oh, how can this be! This surely isn’t justice!
3. OBLATA: Yes, we’re sorry it had to happen this way, but look at the plants, the animals...the people! Good King, ‘twas for the best!
4. OLORUN: But do you see how the goddess cries? I see her every time I descend to Ife, and always she wails. You’ve never seen one weep so. I have brought an odd justice indeed to this new world.
5. ORUNMILA: Then that is how it shall be. King, all is right. Olokun shall never be pleased. Let all the world weep over her tragedy, but true justice cannot come.
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