The Creation Myth Play: Tiahaunaco

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Scene 1: The Beginning of Time
1. Narrator: It was the beginning of time, and there was nothing. From the void, an ominous figure emerged.
2. Viracocha: I am Lord Con Ticci Viracocha, prince and creator of all things! I will create the heaven and the earth. Then I will create animals and a race of giant living beings called humans.
3. Narrator: with a flick of his hand, all was created. But Viracocha had not created light, so humans had to live in eternal darkness.
4. Daughter: Mother this darkness is unbearable. I can’t understand how people are supposed to live like this.
5. Mother: That insolent Virracocha, he doesn’t understand what people need to live. Curse him and all his power I hope he dies a horrible death.
6. Father: Hush Lucieta, Virracocha has heard you. You fool he is coming to punish us, now we will never be able to live on this earth again.
7. Viracocha: How dare you curse me! Because of your unbearable behavior, I have come from Lake Titicaca to punish you for your behavior. I will turn you all to stone, and flood the earth until every last soul has been destroyed.
8. Father: No Virracocha, please spare us.
9. Sounds of screams and death

Scene 2: The New World
1. Virracocha: Now that all of you inferior humans are dead, I will create better beings each unique in their own way.
2. Narrator: He began to create new animals; he created #############################################.jpganimals that would fly and sing, animals that would run on four legs and animals that would crawl on their bellies. Then, he was ready to make human beings. He fashioned all kinds of people out of stone, and began to paint these people. Then, he created heavenly help
ers to help him manage his humans.
3. Tihajuana: Yeh!! Virracocha has created a body for me. Wow I am so pretty, with long brown hair and pretty amber eyes. Mother father, look at me!
4. Mother: Wow you are pretty, and your father and I live in such harmony. Our family
is so wonderful.
5. Father: Yes my wife. Our world is so beautiful. I wish that we knew which things were good for our bodies.
6. Viracocha: Some of you walk north, some of you go south, and some go towards the early morning sun. Divide yourselves among the regions so that you can inhabit all regions that I have given you.
7. Tihajuana: Come mother, Virracocha wants us to go to
the south. We must obey him so that we can live good lives. Quickly, we don’t want to be the last ones!
8. Mother: Hush Tihajuana! We will go quickly and quietly as to not disturb the animals that also inhabit the land.
9. Father: No wife, the child is right, we must get their quickly and learn the ways of the land. The birds and animals will be fine if we hurry. To the new land, Away!!!!

Scene: 3 Viracocha's Teaching
Narrator: Viracocha himself walked the Royal Road across the Ande
s Mountains toward what would become the Road to Cuzco.
2. Viracocha: People come forth and learn the ways of your land so that you can live in harmony with it and use all of its great fruits and medicines to help you survive.
3. Tihajuana: Wow Viracocha! You are so very helpful thank you for showing me these wonderful foods.
4. Mother: Yes, I wonder what foods I can make from these.
5. Father: And these medicines are wonderful, I will never be hurt again.

Scene 4: The Rebels
1. Narrator: Viracocha continued to help people until one day, a group of people emerged, arm
ed with rocks, and@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@.jpg began to attack him.
2. Man: Ah evil being go away from are land you are not wanted here, leave immediately or face the wrath of our people
3. Shouting

4. Viracocha: Fools! How dare your attack your own master, I will not be lenient with you, you will feel my full wra th of power. Die!
5. Narrator: He caused fire to fall from the heavens and the people surrendered and began to worship him at once.
6. People: We are sorry great one, we did not know it was
you. We will forever worship you and all your greatness.
7. Narrator: He explained that he was their creator, and they constructed a great stone figure of him. They established a place of worship where he caused the fire to fall, and their ancestors still present offerings of gold and silver today.

Scene 5: The Disappearance
1. Narrator: Finally, he reached the great cite of Cuzco, which he named.
2. Viracocha: You, you will be the ruler of this city and will uphold its name and respect like no other city.
3. Father: Thank you great one, I will never let your wishes down, and I will have my people worship you.
4. Tihajuana and Mom: Yayayayayaya. Horray
5. Narrator: The people then watched as Viracocha walked into the ocean, although never sinking, just walking on top of the waves.
6. Tihajuana: We should name him “Viracocha,” or “the foam of the sea” in honor of this event.
7. Father: Good idea!
8. Narrator: Viracocha was never seen again

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