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Panel Discussion:


1. Music: Here Comes the Sun- Fade Out

2. Host: Hi there, and welcome to 83.9 FM NAVO. My name is Sophie and I'll be your host for this radio program. On today's radio show, listeners out there will hear all about the Navajo creation myth "The Emergence." Before our deep, analytical discussion begins about the myth, you guys probably want to know the whole story from beginning to the end. Once the radio play finishes, all you listeners out there can follow along during the discussion between our culture experts. Tonight for the radio program we have Sam, the Bible expert; Sitara, the Babylonian culture expert; Leon, the Greek culture expert; Julia, the Sumerian culture expert; and Anna, our very own Navajo culture expert. Each expert will add their own opinion to the discussion. Well, why don't we start this wonderful presentation 83.9 FM NAVO has prepared for us tonight?

The Emergence (Radio Drama)

Scene 1: Ext. The First World

1. Music: Also Sprach Zarathustra-Fade Out

2. Dragonfly: This land we know is just a parcel of land surrounded by resin.

3. Sound: Intense Fire and Buzzing Sounds

4. Ant: How can we possibly escape? We ants have no wings to fly away from this furnace called the first world!
5. Dragonfly: We can build wings!

6. Sound: Hammer

7. Locust: I see a crack! Let’s go!

Scene 2: Ext. The Second World

8. Dragonfly: Finally we have arrived in this second world. Wait! What are those things?


9. Blue Heron: Welcome to the second world. I myself am the Blue Heron. However, you insects must go now! There is no room or food to sustain both our groups!

10. Locust: Not to worry. We will stay far out of reach and eat our own food.

11. Blue Heron: Good. Now Shoo.

12. Sound: Flapping of Wings and Buzzing

13. Ant: Dragonfly don’t you think we must find more food.

14. Dragonfly: Yes, we must find the birds for more food. Follow me!

15. Sound: Buzzing

16. Blue Heron: The insects are coming! We must take to battle!

17. Locust: Well! We must go now those birds have fought tirelessly. Let us follow the Blue Wind.

18. Music: Interlude Music

Scene 3: Ext. The Third World

19. Locust: This Third World is larger and brighter than the second world. Animals and humans live here and we are called First People. Here there is food for everyone!
20. Black Body: It is now autumn and us four gods, White Body, Blue Body, Yellow Body, and I, Black Body have appeared before you four days in a row, offering silent signs. Today I remain behind to inform you that we gods wish to create people in our form. We will return in 12 days – be ready and clean.

21. Sound: Clock

22. Blue Body: It has been 12 days. Black Body and I have returned with two sacred buckskins, and white body has returned with two perfect ears of corn. We must place the corn on the bu ckskins so that the white wind will enter and blow on the corn, turning them into First Men and First Women.

23. Sound: Blowing Wind election_pic.jpg

24. First People: We have been living here peacefully for many years but our reserves of food have finally run dry. We must elect a ruler to solve our problems and rule over ourselves.

25. Mountain People: We, as the mountain people, nominate the Mountain Lion to lead us because he is strong and wise.

26. Plains People: Wolf should lead First People, as the Plains People we know he is strong and clever.

27. Valley People: No, the Bluebird should lead us because he is wise and kind.
28. First People: Hummingbird is swift and just – he should lead us.

29. Owl: Because we cannot decide, we will let Lion, Wolf, Bluebird, and Hummingbird return to their homes to find something useful to our cause. They shall return with this item and then we can choose.

30. Narrator: Eight days later…

31. Sound: Chimes

32. Wolf: I, the Wolf, have been far east and found springtime rain, morning light, and young corn.

33. Bluebird: I, the Bluebird, found summer rain, blue sky, and soft corn far to the south.

34. Lion: I, the Lion, have been far to the west and found autumnal rain, evening light, and ripe corn.

35. Hummingbird: I, the hummingbird, brought northern lights for winter nights, dried corn and beans, and an abalone storage that will always remain full from the north.

36. First People: We need all of these gifts. A council shall rule us, but we still don’t have food. It is time to move to another world.

37. Music: Interlude Music


Scene 4: Ext. The Fourth World

38. Narrator: In the fourth world, which was already populated with human beings and native Americans, the days were white and the nights were black. Its nickname, hence, was the Black and White World. All of a sudden two dust columns blew from the South and the North upon the First People.

39. Sound: Blowing

40. First Man: Watch out for the crash! What has happened?

41. First Women: It seems as if the winds have given us Coyote, a lazy and cunning animal, and the badger, an industrious and determined animal.

42. Coyote: Oh I have an idea! I shall go and cheat the Water Monster in a game of chance and win all that he owns!


43. Music: Jeopardy Theme

44. Water Monster: Oh no! That mischievous coyote has taken everything! Even my best fur coat! My very children were sleeping in the pockets of that coat. For this crime the people shall pay!!!

45. Turkey: Oh Dear, a flood! We must warn the people to evacuate.


46. Narrator: The Native Americans gathered food and supplies and headed for the mountains. Leading them was coyote who clutched the fur and the water monster’s babies close to him. One by one, each of the animals climbed up the tree, after Spider constructed a ladder from her web. Turkey was the last to start the climb. Turkey climbed into the tree just in time, but the black waters grazed his tail leaving black marks that are still present today. Inside the tree, the inhabitants of the fourth world remained safe and dry.

47. Locust: We have been climbing for such a long time. WAIT!!! I have found an opening. I shall be the first to step on the land of the fifth world.

Scene 5: Ext. The Fifth World

48. First Women: This flood is still a threat. Water Monster must be at fault.

49. First Man: Perhaps it is the coyote, with all his mischievous ways.

50. Narrator: They searched his possessions until they came upon the water monster’s babies. The people placed the coat with its babies onto a boat and into a lake until it disappeared never to be seen again and never were they bothered again by the water monster.