Navajo - The Emergence

Panel Discussion:

  1. Music: Garage Band: Southern Rock Piano 01 first 20 seconds, then fade out.
  2. Host: Hello everyone, and welcome to 104.5 the Navajo station. Today we have a special presentation of the famous legend, “The Emergence”. We will have some experts from around the world come in and talk about the story, but first we will have a small play to show all of you how the story goes. Enjoy your evening, and remember, keep listening to 104.5 Navajo.

`The Emergence (Radio Drama)

Scene 1: In the beginning of Time.

  1. Narrator: At the beginning of time, there existed one world known as the black world. Crawling creatures inhabited this first world.
  2. Sound: Buzzing of Dragonfly and feet of crawling insects
  3. Dragonfly: This world is too dark; we should go find another place.
  4. Insect #1: How are we going to do that?
  5. Dragonfly: Let us make wings and fly away.
  6. Sound: Clash of metals, nails and hammers
  7. Narrator: And so the insects traveled to the blue world

Scene 2: The birds and Insects

  1. Birds: leave! You are not welcome here.
  2. Insects: We will not bother you.
  3. Narrators: the birds of the next world converse among themselves.
  4. Birds: You can stay but keep your distance.
  5. Sound: Fighting and yelling
ENGGIRNSH.jpg 6. Narrator: after time the insects consumed their share of food, and in an attempt to get more food they invade the bird’s territory and are defeated, and so they migrate to the yellow world.

Scene 3: The one to rule them all

  1. Narrator: Humans and animals inhabited this world and they were known as the first people.
  2. Gods: We have created these humans in our image, with removable wings, but they also have claws and animal feet and teeth. Wait for the twelfth day and we shall create people without claws and teeth.
  3. Gods: Now let us create first man and woman and make them from yellow and white eagles under yellow and white ears.
  4. Narrator: The people prepared for the twelfth day and in that day first man and first woman were made from yellow and white eagles under yellow and white ears.
  5. Person #1 - I am tired of this place, there are too many people living here.
  6. Person #2 – Let us live together in harmony and command a ruler for ourselves.
  7. Narrator – Many people came together, from the east, west south and north present a ruler to lead them
  8. Sound: soft chatting of insects and humans
  9. Owl – let everyone return to their land and bring back something that will be of use, then we will decide our leader.
  10. Narrator – 8 days later
  11. Sound: Wind blowing
  12. Wolf – I have brought to you springtime rain, young corn and the light of morning.
13. Bluebird - I have brought summer rain, soft corn and blue sky.

14. Lion – I have brought autumn rain, ripe corn and evening sky.

15. Humming bird – I have brought to you northern lights, dried corn and beans, and an abalone storage bowl that will never be empty.

16. Narrator - after a while, they decided to not have one ruler but many, and so they
made a council.

Scene 4: The First people come to help

  1. Person #1 – We now have leaders but no food.
  2. Person #2 – I think we should move on to another world.
  3. Person #3 – I cannot find any crack that will lead to the next world, what are we going to do?
  4. Sound: Wind Blowing loudly, animals and humans chatting
english2.jpg 5. First Girl – Bird people follow me the first girl, to the south and into the next world.
6. First Boy – Insect People, follow me the first boy, to the north and into the next world.

7. First Man – Animal people follow me the first man to the west and into the next world.

8. First Woman – Navajo people follow me the first woman, to the east and into the next world.

9. Narrator – the people divided into four groups,
each flying off into a corner into the next world

Scene 5: The conniving Coyote

  1. Person #1 – look there are other humans in this black and white world.
  2. Person #2 – How can this be?
  3. Narrator - These people have been around for many years. They live in pueblos and they have advanced far more than the Navajo has.
  4. Sound: Hammers and nails, cows mooing, sheep and chickens
  5. First Man and Woman – learn from these people, we must all learn to cultivate our own foods.
  6. Sound: Wind blowing, a big crash
  7. Narrator – suddenly two columns of dust blew together and disappeared and out of them came Coyote
  8. First Man – Look, it is Coyote, the one who likes to play mean tricks on us.
  9. First Woman – Do not worry because the South Wind has brought badger, he will protect us.
  10. Coyote – Water Monster let us gamble, if I win I get your coat.
  11. Water Monster – It’s a deal
  12. Sound: Dice rolling on the ground.
  13. Coyote – Hahaha, I win
  14. Water Monster – You are a cheater
  15. Coyote-I won fare and square! Now give me your coat!
  16. (to himself)
  17. Coyote – Look, It is Water Monsters babies! I guess he forgot, oh well I better not say a word ( evil laugh)

Scene 6: Water Monster’s rage

  1. Water Monster – My babies! This is the last straw; I am going to flood this world so that everyone in it dies.
  2. Narrator – he opened the dams at the bottom of the earth and the whole earth began to fill with water.

3. Sound: Water filling up the earth, people screaming
4. Turkey – the earth is flooding.

5. Person #1 – Lets move to the highest mountains.

6. Person #2 – But what about our rich crops?

7. Person #3 – we will just have to leave them, even though it gives me great sorrow.

8. Narrator – The people took with them food and necessary items, and those that could not escape were turned into fish and seals.

9. Person #1 – let us make a strong tree out of bamboo, to protect ourselves from the water.

10. Sound: Hammer and nails
11. Narrator – Meantime, turkey was hurrying up to the mountain, after having had collected several types of seed so that they would be able to cultivate their next world

12. Turkey – I must hurry before the waters get to me.

13. Narrator – as the bamboo
grew taller, they were able to travel up to the fifth world.

Scene 7: The Last World

  1. First woman – from now on in honor of Turkey we women will wear feathers on our heads and we shall do all of the weaving for our people.
  2. Person #3 – There is water flooding into this world also, what are we going to do?
  3. Narrator – the water began to come into the fifth world and the people grew anxious.
  4. Person #1 – we had better find out how to stop this.
  5. Person #2 – I think Coyote had something to do with it, he is the one that is always making trouble anyways.
  6. Person #3 – Lets search his pockets.
  7. People #1 – no wonder we are being punished; Coyote had water monster’s babies.
  8. First Woman – Let us place his coat and babies into the lake, and hope that his rage will end soon.
  9. Narrator – After the monster had received his babies, he stopped bothering the people. The people never moved to another world, and they lived in harmony for the years to come.