The Mayan Creation

Panel Discussion:

1. SARAH: In the beginning of time, only the heavens and sea existed in peaceful ever-lasting darkness. Land had not yet been created. No living beings had been created. Submerged in the water were the creators alone in the darkness. They whispered alone in the darkness and decided what to create. Together they decided when to raise the land from the water and when to create living being and so they decreed,
2. CREATORS: Let the Earth arise.
4. SARAH: And so they created it. The creators made it.
5. CREATORS: We have thought about it and planned it, and what we have created is perfect.
6. SARAH: Then they decided to create landforms, the mountains, rivers, and trees. The creators were happy with the world they had made. They disliked the silence, so they created animals.


8. CREATORS: We have thought about it and planned it, and what we have created is perfect.
10. CREATOR 1: Speak, call, and cry, as each of you can!! Call us by name, praise us, love us!!
11. SARAH: The creators asked the animals to praise them. The animals couldn’t do so, which upset the creators.
12. CREATOR 2: We will not take from you that which we have given you; however, because you cannot praise us and love us, we will make other beings who will. These new creatures will be superior to you and will rule over you.
13. CREATOR 3: It is your destiny that they will tear apart and eat your flesh! Let it be done! And so they made a creature that would praise them. They made him out of mud, but it was too soft.gingerbread_man.JPG
14. CREATOR 2: He is wobbly and weak, and cannot talk! This creature is unfit, let us destroy it.
16. CREATOR 3: Let us make it out of wood.
17. CREATOR 1: This creature is much better, but has no soul. This creation does not praise us!
18. CREATOR 3: Creatures fashioned from wood, are not good enough to be able to live and multiply!
19. CREATOR 2: We must destroy these creatures!
CREATOR 3: Yes We Must! For we have failed to make a perfect being to praise us.
21. CREATOR 1: We shall cause a great flood of sap to fall to the earth and destroy these wooden creatures!
22. CREATOR 2: Once these wooden creatures are powerless, we shall send eagles to descend upon them and claw their eyes out!
CREATOR 1: We shall also send bats to cut off their heads and jaguars to leap on them and break and mangle their bones.
Sarah: After these wooden people were rendered powerless animals of all sizes attacked them. Dogs tore into their faces.
23. SOUND: ANIMAL ROARSwoodpeople.jpg
24. SARAH: Only a few of these wooden creatures survived. Their descendants became known as monkeys. The creators took council in the darkness of the night.
26. CREATOR 1: Let us try again to create beings that will praise us.
27. CREATOR 3: What substance shall we use?
28. SARAH: The creators found corn and decided to grind it up and fashion their creatures.
30. SARAH: And so they created it, the creators made it.
31. CREATORS: We have thought about it and we have planned it, and what we have created is perfect.
32. CREATOR 2: These new creatures are intelligent and speak like humans should.
33. SARAH: However, the humans said, “We know everything and we thank you!” This displeased the creators, who feared that their humans were too perfect.
34. CREATOR 2: Have we created creatures who are better than we intended?
35. CREATOR 1: Have we made them so they will be gods like ourselves?
36. CREATOR 3: We should limit their sight so they do not become too powerful.
38. SARAH: And so the creators took away the original knowledge and wisdom of the First Fathers.
39. CREATOR 1: Now let us make wives for our first fathers!
40. SARAH: And so they created it, the creators made it. So people lived and multiplied and the creators were happy. The humans were loving and obedient to their gods and they worshipped them. Then the people said. “Let there be light! Let there be sun! Give us peace and happiness!” And so they created it, the creators made it. The sun rose from the waters and the animals and people were happy. The humans danced around their priests and it was perfect.

Similarities and Differences Between The Mayan Myth and Other Creation Stories




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