The Mayan Creation

Scene 1: Prologue

1. NARRATOR: Deep in the dark waters of the unborn world lied the Creators, the Great Thinkers who, in eternal darkness, made the decision.
2. Sound: Dramatic Music
3. Creator #1: I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been feeling pretty bored lately.
4. Creator #2: Yeah, I’ve been feeling that for the past 5 million years.
5. Creator #3: I think that we need to redecorate – all this water’s making my beautiful skin wrinkly.
6. Creator #2: Why don’t we make something dry, like land?
7. Creator #1: that sounds good!


Scene 2: Experimentation

1. NARRATOR: Thus, the Creators, the Great Thinkers, made the pivotal decision to change the world.
2. Sound: Rockets Blasting and Earthquake
3. Creator #3: Wow, that’s fun! Lets do it again!
4. Creator #1: The earth is kinda... flat.
5. Creator #3 : We should do something about that. Mountains? Valleys? What about rivers? TREES AND SOIL!!!
6. Narrator: Thus the Creator, the Great Thinkers, shaped the Earth to their liking.
7. Creator #2 : Every things so quiet. We should make some things that make noise!
8.. Creator #1: Let us fill the earth with living creatures that crawl, fly, and walk.
9. Sound: Animal Cacaphony

Scene 3: First Trial at Living Beings

1. NARRATOR: Thus the Creators, the Great Thinkers, created living beings of our world.
2. Creator #3: SIT DOG SIT!!!!!
3. Sound: Dog Barking
6. Sound: Cat Meowing
5. Creator #1: How dare you not respect me? How dare you not worship the ground I walk upon? I am the Creator, the Great Thinker!
6. Creator #2: These animals are wild and stupid, they cannot boost our egos! Let us create creatures who’s only purpose is to serve us.


Scene 4: First Trial at Man

1. NARRATORS: Thus the Creators, the Great Thinkers, made a man out of muddy earth.
2. Creator #2: Finally someone who can speak and flatter us!
3. Mud man: (gibberish)
4. Creator #1: Oh this sucks... he’s even worse than the animals, he can’t even breed!
5. Creator #3: Lets start from scratch.

Scene 5: Second Trial at Man

1. Sound: Earth Shattering
2. Narrator: And then the Creators, the Great Thinkers, created man once again, but this time from wood.
3. Creator #1: Ok. These ones are thriving and multiplying, I think these could really work.
4. Creator #2: You there wood man: speak say my name.
5. Man: Gibberish.

Scene 6: Flood to Eradicate Humans

1. Creator #3: Oh, we failed again. There is too many of them to destroy each one separately.
2. Creator #1: A flood will destroy them easily. I don’t want to waste perfectly good water on them, though. Lets use sap!
3. Narrator: The Creators, the Great Thinkers, created a flood, with a great darkness and black rain.
4. Creator #2: Hey, this is boring! Why don’t we sic some animals on them as well?
5. Creator #3: Sounds good.
6. Sound: Animal Cacaphony
7. Narrator: And the Great Thinkers unleashed their wrath on the wooden beings.
8. Creator 2: Look, some of them are fleeing to the trees.untitled.JPG
9. Creator 1: Oh let them run, I doubt they will ever come back.

Scene 7: Helped By the Animals

1. Mountain Cat, Coyote, Crow and Parrot noises in background.
2. Coyote: We’ve been watching your failures at creating man, and we don’t think you will ever get it right.
3. Crow: I know of a plant called Corn that might make good humans.
4. Creator 2: I don’t know... I think our next try will really work! What if we make them out of....leaves or ummmm rocks!
5. Creator #3: Rocks? Even I know that is a bad idea.
6. Parrot: Trust us. The corn will work.

Scene 8: the Perfect Men

1. Narrator: And the so the Creators, the Great Thinkers, used their amazing powers and constructed man out of corn.
2. Creator #2: Wow, it actually worked.
3. Creator #3: Hello man.... me great thinker, you man. (In slow baby talk)
4. Man #1: Hey, I can understand you... I’m not made out of rocks or something.
5. Creator #3 O, well then, you can just go ahead and start worshiping us now.
6. Narrator: And so the first men began to worship the great thinkers, and they were pleased.

Scene 9: The Perfect Women

1. Man: Great Creators?
2. Creator #1: yes human?
3. Man: Well the three other men in the world and I were thinking that its sort of lonely just the four of us.
4. Other Man: Ya, can we get some company down here, I am sick of these guys!
5. Creator #2: Sure, we will make you wives and you will prosper and populate the earth. Just make sure they worship us too.
6. Narrator: And so the first women were born, who married the first men and soon bore the first children. It was a pleasant time and everyone was happy.

Scene 10: Light
1. Man: Creators, I am happy with my wife, but there is one small problem.
2. Creator #2: What is it now?
3. Man: Well maybe you haven’t noticed, but we can’t see anything...everything is well....dark.. I keep tripping over rocks and everything. I just think this is a major flaw in your design that you guys should fix.
4. Creator #1: Silence human! How dare you question our perfect design!
5. Creator#3: Yea, I can see fine
6. Creator #1: Who said that ?!!?!?
7. Creator #3 Me I am right next to you can’t you see?
8. Creator #1: Oh, of course!
9. Creator #2 Ouch! You stepped on my foot.
10. Creator#1 Ok, ok we will make light. Ok 1...2....3...
11. All Creators: LET THERE BE LIGHT!
12. Narrator : And so the great thinkers, the Great Creators, gave the earth the greatest gift of all, LIGHT!
13. Creator #1: wow much better, I can see now.
14. Creator #2: I think we finally made this earth perfect
15. Creator #3 Yeah... perfect.