"The Origin of Life and Fire"


Discussion Panel:
Scene 1 (set in space)
1. Bumba: I am lonely! All I have around me is water.

2. Narrator: Bumba, the white creator, grew terrible stomach pains, and soon he vomited up the sun.

3. Bumba: (joyful) Excellent! Now that the water is evaporating, I can see land… And look at the hills as they dry themselves off!

4. Narrator: Bumba next vomited up the moon and the stars.

5. Bumba: Now the moon and stars have brightened my once obscured night!

6. Narrator Bumba proceeds to vomit nine animals: the leopard named Koy Bumba, Pongo Bumba the crested eagle, the crocodile called Ganda Bumba, and one little fish named Yo.


7. Narrator: Next Bumba created old Kono Bumba, the tortoise, and Tsetse, the lightning…


8. Narrator: Then the white heron, Nyanyi Bumba, the goat named Budi…

9. Narrator: And one tiny beetle.


10. Bumba: I feel there is still something missing…

11. Narrator: Once again Bumba felt terrible stomach pains. His pain grew until he finally vomited the first human beings.

12. Bumba: Perfect! I have only created one man who is white like me, and I shall name him Loko Yima.
13. Loko Yima: I stand out from all other men and women… I am like a god for I am also “white”. I must represent the superior part of my human race!

14. Bumba: Welcome, my friends, to the world I have created for you to live on. Please, feel at home here and feel free to do whatever you wish, for I will not hold you back.

15. All (omit Bumba): Thank you Bumba, our great and “white” creator!

Scene 2 (set on grassy meadow)

1. Bumba: (Yawning) Creating is a lot of work, so I will give the job of finishing my creations to the heron, the goat, the crocodile, the beetle, and the little fish.

2. Narrator: And under Bumba’s will, the heron created all birds that fly, Ganda Bumba created all serpents and the iguana, Budi produced all the horned animals, the beetle created all insects, and Yo, the little fish, fashioned all the sea creatures.

3. Ganda Bumba: I, Ganda Bumba, the crocodile, grant permission for the serpents to create grasshoppers, and the iguana to create all animals without horns. These are the animals which Budi and the beetle didn’t create.

4. Eldest Son: Father, my younger brothers and I will finish off the work of your animals for you. I will create the white ants.

5. Middle Son: I will create all plants that will grow on our land, and these plants will supply food for many creatures.

6. Youngest Son: (miserably) I am so sorry father, but I do not know what I can create for you. All the animals have been fashioned already.

7. Bumba: Although so far you have proved yourself to be quite worthless, I will assign you to create one creature which you cannot mess up: the kite. If you remember, it is the one bird that the heron didn’t produce.

8. Youngest Son: Thank you father. I will not disappoint you!

9. Narrator: Unfortunately, while creating the white ants Bumba’s eldest son died from the strain. Although the eldest son had such horrible luck, Bumba’s second son produced the loveliest, most marvelous plants, and all of the animals were extremely grateful. However, Bumba’s youngest son was still working on his creation.

10. Youngest Son: Although I am ashamed that my father criticized me so harshly, I will not let him down.

11. Narrator: Luckily for the youngest son, he managed to produce the kite successfully, and Bumba congratulated him on his accomplishment. Bumba’s youngest son lived happily ever after.

Scene 3 (set

1. Tsetse: (evilly) I, the only creature that is not an animal, shall prove what great things I can accomplish! Bwhahaha…

2. Bumba: Tsetse you shall not hurt my people!

3. Tsetse: Who are you to tell me what I shall do… I am invincible!

4. Bumba: You are too dangerous to be near my people of planet Earth. You shall be punished aMyth_Project_001.jpgnd sent to the skies where you will dwell in solitude!

5. Tsetse: No no… please do not send me to the skies.

Bumba: Tsetse, I have no other choice. You are too violent to stay on Earth. You have created fires that have burned beautiful villages, plants and other creatures… (in despair) You are ruining my beautiful world!


6. Bumba: Oh no! Now that I have succeded in traping Tsetse in the sky, the humans no longer have a source of fire or a source of warmth. Although banishing Tsetse was necessary, I can’t let my people freeze. Oh humankind is so pathetic! I will teach them how to make fire, so that way they can take care of themselves. (Pause) (Deep voice like on a speaker) Humans! This is your creator speaking! I know that you have all suffered due to the loss of fire, but I can teach you how to create fire yourselves.

7. Man 1: But how can we do this alone? Surely it must be impossible.

8. Bumba: No, you are wrong. It is possible, but I will only explain it once, so listen closely. Fire can be drawn out of every tree, and if you know how, then you too can create fire just like Tsetse. You must make and use a fire-drill to take the fire home with you.

9. Man 2: Thank you Bumba! We are forever in your debt.

10. Tsetse: How dare Bumba teach those pathetic sniveling humans to create fire without me! Now every time I’m upset with Bumba, I will occasionally punish him with lighting his land on fire.


11. Narrator: Unfortunately, the wrath of Tsetse cannot be prevented, and every once in a while lightning strikes Bumba’s world.

Scene 4 (set in a human village)

1. Bumba: (To his people) I hope that all of you can look at this wonderful world of mine and enjoy it as much as I have, and grow to love all of its flaws, for now this is your home and you may treat it however you wish. However I advise caution, for you should cherish its wonderful grace and beauty, however care for it… because it is you only home.
2. All (omit Bumba): Thank you Bumba, the white creator, for making us such a wonderful home!