“The Origin of Life and Fire”

Panel Discussion:


2. PROMPTER: Welcome to The Creation Station, and this week we are focusing on the myth, “The Origin of Life and Fire.” We have three experts with us today to discuss the myth with you, right after we radio act it out if you’ve never heard it before. The chief topic for the myth will be motifs and unique aspects. All you fans out there who have already heard it are going to have to wait until the dramatization is over to hear the experts. I’ll let them introduce themselves:
3. ORIGIN EXPERT: Hello all, pleased to make your acquaintance. I am the resident expert of the very myth itself, “The Origin of Life and Fire.”
4. ENUMA ELISH EXPERT: Is it my turn yet? Wait, what? Who? Oh, me? Oh, um, hi there. Is this thing on? Oh, okay, yeah I’m the, um. um. Ah, yes, the “Enuma Elish” expert.
5. BIBLE EXPERT: Hey you guys, what up? Sweeeet, I’m the Bible expert, yeah go Genesis, wooo, the whole deal. Okay, when do we start.
6. PROMPTER: …Yes and that’s our panel. We begin the discussion right after the radio play, enjoy our reenactment, with a little bit of editing, “The Origin of Life and Fire”:
“The Origin of Life and Fire” (Radio Play)
Scene I: Bumba’s Creationsbig_picture.jpg1. NARRATOR: In the beginning… Oceans of water spread across the world. Only Bumba, the white creator, existed in this otherwise lifeless, dark universe. Then Bumba began to feel terrible stomach pains. His pains grew and grew until he finally keeled over in agony and...
2. BUMBA: *Heaaeeeuuggggh*
3. NARRATOR: And Bumba spewed up the sun, evaporating the some water and creating light, warmth, and clouds.
4. SUN: Be watchful, Bumba, for trouble is coming.
5. BUMBA: I fear not for I am omnipotent. Nothing can stop me.
6. BUMBA: *ohh uggh* Here it comes again… *Heaaeeeuuggggh* (exaggerated)
7. NARRATOR: And Bumba expelled the moon and stars from his distressed stomach, brilliantly lighting up the night sky.
8. MOON: Bumba, be careful, you must carefully watch your creations or one you create will forever disrupt the world.
9. BUMBA: Nothing can disturb my world; I have complete power over everything.
10. BUMBA: *Oohhggh* The pain is back *Heaaeeeuuggggh* (extremely exaggerated)

11. NARRATOR: And Bumba expelled the first living creatures from his disturbed stomach. The creatures created more of their kind, populating the world with birds, serpents, fish, insects, and animals. And Bumba had three sons.

Scene II: Bumba’s Sons
bumbas_sons.jpg1. BUMBA’S FIRST SON: Hello father! I will create the white ants for your new kingdom!
2. BUMBA’S SECOND SON: Hail, Bumba! I will create shrubbery for your new kingdom!
3. BUMBA’S THIRD SON: Alas, I cannot make anything. This is difficult beyond measure. I cannot create anything. These animals cannot run, these fish cannot swim, these birds cannot fly... Wait! That bird! It's flying!
4. NARRATOR: And Bumba's youngest son, finally succeeded in making the kite, a magnificent bird of prey.
5. BUMBA’S FIRST SON: I think you should watch Tsetse, father. She is capable of much.
6. BUMBA’S SECOND SON: Bumba, elder brother is right, Tsetse will trouble us greatly.
7. BUMBA’S THIRD SON: I agree father, please be careful with her.
8. BUMBA: Not to worry, my sons, my power overwhelms that of any of the creatures I created. Do not disturb me with such insignificant matters. I have completed my part in creation; I have nothing more to worry about.
9. NARRATOR: And all seemed well in the world...

Scene III: Tsetse’s Wrath
tsetse.jpg1. TSETSE: Hahahhah!! Feel my wrath!!! Burn!!! Hahaha!! You shall all die!!! Hahaha!!
2. NARRATOR: Tsetse attacked tree and creature on whim, setting anything and everything alight.
3. TSETSE: Everything is under my power. I can choose to help humans cook their meat or burn them to the ground! The choice is mine.
4. NARRATOR: All living creatures feared Tsetse and her fires.
5. BUMBA’S FIRST SON: Father, you must help my ants! Stop Tsetse!
6. BUMBA’S SECOND SON: Yes, father, protect my plants from her wrath!
7. BUMBA’S THIRD SON: Even my magnificent kites cannot escape her bolts of lighting. Please father, you did not heed our warnings and now your creations suffer.
8. BUMBA: I did not think I created anything so malevolent. Hmph, well, I will stop her, no matter. None of my creations are a match for me.

Scene IV: Bumba Confronts Tsetse
1. NARRATOR: But Tsetse proved more troublesome than Bumba expected. Bumba calmly approached Tsetse and told her:
2. BUMBA: Discontinue this destructive behavior or prepare to face me.
3. TSETSE: You don't know what you’re dealing with. I will destroy you!
4. BUMBA: Your confidence is misplaced. Nothing I create can destroy me.
5. TSETSE: Hahaha! What about this, Bumba?
6. NARRATOR: And Tsetse hurled a blazing, fiery sphere of lighnting. Bumba, narrowly avoided the raging lightning bolt and turned to grab Tsetse but she had already escaped.
7. BUMBA: I will defeat you, Tsetse!
8. TSETSE: Never, I am too powerful, hahaha.
9. NARRATOR: After many violent encounters, Bumba finally managed to capture Tsetse and heaved her up into the sky, imprisoning her within the dark thunderclouds.
10. BUMBA: Now you may only strike on rare occasions, and nevermore will you cause trouble.

Scene V: The Gift of Fire
rejoice.jpg1. NARRATOR: After Bumba completed his task, he turned to look down at his world and said to himself: 2. BUMBA: Those poor, poor people. They have no fire, and cannot cook food or make proper tools without it. *sigh* I should probably teach them how to make a fire drill…
3. NARRATOR: So Bumba gave mankind the gift of fire and spread it throughout the world. Then he cried:
4. BUMBA: People, be happy! Look at all of the amazing things I have created for you, like my gift of fire, and know that you own it all! So be happy with the creations and peace and dominion that I, your first ancestor and beloved creator, have given you. Rejoice!

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