Aztec Creation Story

Panel Discussion:


Dramatization Script

Scene 1
1. Narrator: “In the first world- the Sun of Earth- the people acted improperly,”
2. Humans: gross noises- coughing/sneezing
3. Gods: “Cover your mouths!”
4. Humans: “No!”
5. Gods: “Very well then. You shall be punished. I send my viscous pet jaguars to teach you a lesson.”
6. SOUND EFFECTS: jaguar noises
7. Humans: screaming/dying noises

Scene 2[[image:file/view/Picture_6.png width="356" height="447" align="right"]]
1. Narrator: “In the second world, the Sun of the Air- the people lived without wisdom,”
2. Human 1: “Let’s jump off this cliff!”
3. Human 2: “Okay! The gods will keep us safe!”
4. Gods: “Foolish humans! I will torture you with hurricane winds and transform you all into apes!”
5. SOUND EFFECTS: hurricane noises
6. Humans: monkey noises

Scene 3
1. Narrator: “In the third world- the Sun of Rain of Fire- the people acted without reverence to the gods,”
2. Gods: “Respect me! Prostrate yourselves!”
3. Human 1: “No!”
4. Human 2: “You’re stupid!”
5. Gods: “You disrespect me? I will torture you with earthquakes and volcanoes!”
6. SOUND EFFECTS: earthquake noises
7. Humans: scream
8. Human 1: “Watch out! That tree is going to fall on you!”
9. Human 2: “Shut up!”

Scene 4
1. Gods: “In the fourth world- the Sun of Water- the people were greedy,”
2. Human 2: “Can I have some of your sandwich?”
3. Human 1: “No! Get your own sandwich! This is mine! I’m not sharing.”
4. Gods: “Share the sandwich!”
5. Human 1: “No!”
6. Gods: “Then I’ll punish you with a great flood and turn you into fish!”
7. SOUND EFFECTS: water noises-rain stick

Scene 5
1. Supreme Being: “I, the Supreme Being, order you to find a tree, make a hole in the trunk and hide in it until the water is gone. You need to stop being so greedy so I am putting you to the test and you must eat only one corncob each.”
2. Male: “Why should we only eat one corncob each when there is so much fish?”
3. Female: “Mmm this is good fish!”
4. Supreme Being: “I tried to save you and you both disobeyed me. Now I’m turning you into dogs!”

Scene 6
1. Narrator: “The Sun of the Four Elements is created and the gods have a meeting,”
2. Wealthy god: “I’ll create the Sun of Earth, Air, Fire and Water!”
3. Other gods: “That’s too big of a job for just you! Will you help us, Oh Ugly one, Nanautzin? If you do, we’l[[image:file/view/Picture_12.png align="right"]]l honor you and we’ll be nice to you.”
4. Nanautzin: “Okay, if you want me to.”
5. Wealthy god: “I will sacrifice gold, feathers and gems.”
6. Nanautzin: “I only have three reeds, hay, scabs from my sores, and thorns with my blood on them but I will gladly give it up.”
7. Other gods: “Now we should build a pyramid of stone with a bonfire for sacrifice. Wealthy god, jump in the fire!”
8. Wealthy god: “I can’t! I’m sorry!”
9. Other gods: “Fine! Nanautzin, jump in the fire, it’s good for you.”
10. Nanautzin: “Okay, if you want me to.”
11. Other gods: “Yay for Nanautzin! We’ll honor him forever!”
12. Wealthy god: “I am ashamed. Nanautzin can’t be better than me! I’ll have to follow.”

Scene 7
Narrator: “After the final world was created, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca rest in the heavens, guarding the world below them.”
1. Quetzalcoatl: “Look down at the waters, Tezcatlipoca!”
2. Tezcatlipoca: “We must destroy that hideous monstrous goddess!”[[image:file/view/Picture_7.png align="right"]]
3. Quetzalcoatl: “She has mouths all over her body, eating everything in sight! She also has eyes on every joint of her body! How hideous and disgusting!”
4. Tezcatlipoca: “Let’s both turn into serpents and destroy that monster.”
5. Quetzalcoatl: “We’ll both have to pull her in half. You grab her arms and I’ll take hold of her legs.”
6. Tezcatlipoca: “Her shoulders and head will be the earth and her lower body will be with sky and heavens.
7. Other gods: “How could you do this to the goddess? Now the humans who inhabit this earth will have the great resources we posses.”

Scene 8
1. Narrator: “Quetzalcoatl wishes to find food for the humans of the earth and searches around the world and tests different animals.”
2. Quetzalcoatl: “The humans need food! I must find the perfect meal for them. The ants have corn! It is perfectly suitable for humans but they will never give it up. I must steal it!”
3. Narrator: “Quetzalcoatl transforms himself into an ant and gradually stores up enough grains of corn for the humans and secretively returns to the heavens.”
4. Quetzalcoatl: “Now I must travel to the Lord of the Dead and ask for my father’s bones. May I have my father’s bones, Lord of the Dead Land?”
5. Lord- “Yes but first you must blow into this conch shell while carrying the bones and then you must walk around a jade circle.”
6. Quetzalcoatl: “This conch shell doesn’t make any sound. The bees and worms will clear the shell out. Now I can take the bones!”
7. Lord: “Birds, you must stop Quetzalcoatl and frighten him! Set up a trap and break the bones.”
8. Narrator: “The birds frightened Quetzalcoatl so much that he fainted and the bones were crushed into tiny pieces by the birds.”
9. Quetzalcoatl: “Goddess Woman Snake, will you help me? Will you grind the bits of bones into bone meal? I will use my blood and mix it in with the meal and turn it into both women and men.”